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HotPot Rotary Potentiometer by Spectra Symbol

HotPot Rotary Potentiometer by Spectra Symbol

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Our Standard-Width Rotary HotPot Sensors. (currently Thinner variants of our HotPot series are only available as custom orders, contact us for more information on non-stock variants)

Linear variants of the HotPot are listed separately.

HotPots are extremely popular in more extreme temperatures, whether very cold or hot.

Input use examples:

- Dial format level-setting controls

- Custom sound-board input

- Any input where rotary scale or arc movement is the ideal method of control!

Output use examples:

- Swinging or pivoting mechanism tracking

- Tracking hinging motion

- Many tracking needs related to objects or actuators that rotate, arc, spin, and more!

Shipping & Returns

Reach out to us on our Contact page here on our store site with questions about shipping issues or returns.

Get Spec Datasheets

For more detailed information please refer to our specification PDFs below regarding the series of stock sensor you are interested in:

Flex Sensor Series Datasheet

SoftPot Series Datasheet

ThinPot Series Datasheet

HotPot Series Datasheet

MagnetoPot Series Datasheet

Wiper Datasheet

Care Instructions

Our membrane potentiometers & flex sensors are significantly pliable, but we recommend that bending & flexing is kept to a minimum to preserve maximum fidelity & accuracy, especially in hot or cold conditions, and especially if not a Hotpot. Even with flex sensors, you want to avoid folding or kinking before applied to the project, and bending ends away from printed/striped side is recommended. (concave side should be logo-side) MagnetoPots should not be bent, twisted, or flexed at all.

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Product Images Are Meant as a Series Representation Only

Our product images often do not represent the length you have selected and instead show a default sensor image for that series. Please refer to the "Active Sensor Length" selector to verify that the sensor length chosen is what you want. Also verify that the desired connector and linearity (margin of accuracy) are selected before purchase.

For full product specifications and measurements please see DataSheets below product description above.

Thank you!

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    Spectra Symbol started in Utah in 1981 and has been creating jobs for locals here in the Salt Lake Valley since then. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve our national customers & international customers with practical packaging & dependable shipping.

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    We are excited to hear about your experinces with our sensors, and are happy to talk shop with you about your application. We work on a weekly basis with innovative products in development and frequently operate under NDAs to maintain confidentiality for sensitive projects in various stages of the patenting process.