The World-Leading Manufacturer of Ultra-Thin Linear Potentiometers, Rotary Potentiometers, & Flex Sensors

  • About Spectra Symbol

    Spectra Symbol sells millions of sensors each year to dozens of industries. We are one of the most recognized names in linear, rotary, & flex position sensing.

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  • Buy Stock Sensors Direct

    This Online Store is managed directly by Spectra Symbol, and is intended for stock parts only, and typically for smaller orders, purchases for testing, prototype development, independent consumers, engineers, & inventors.

    Please reach out to us for custom sensor needs or for higher volume requests by PO.

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    Spectra Symbol just launched a brand new Flex Sensor called the SpectraFlex!

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Sensor Series (technologies)

Standard SoftPot Potentiometers

Shop all variants of our standard SoftPot potentiometers! Need more technical info? Get... 

Flex & Bend Sensors

Shop all variants of our state of the art Flex Sensors! Need... 

Standard HotPot Potentiometers

 Shop all variants of our HotPot potentiometers! (ThinPot equivalents for the HotPot series are... 

  • Maximum Versatility

    Measuring just a few millimeters wide & as low as half a millimeter thick, our linear position sensors can fit virtually anywhere. Our stock offerings have active sensor lengths ranging from 12mm to 1000mm. If ordered custom, there is no interval between 10-3000mm that can't be achieved. For more technical information...

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  • High Reliability & Accuracy

    We offer +/- 5%, 3%, & 1% linearitiy accuracy variants of most of our stock potentiometers & can achieve even higher analog accuracies right off the manufacturing line. When paired with digital calibration, +/- linear variance can be virtually eliminated. Reach out if you need something more precise than what's in stock.

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  • Long-Term Durability

    Care should always be taken when handling and installing sensors not to overly flex them (or kink them in the case of the flex sensors), but once installed they will easily stand up to the test of time. All Spectra Symbol sensors are tested for high rep durability over 1 million strokes in various environmental conditions.

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